Guatemala San Pedro Atitlan


Guatemala San Pedro Atitlan


Origin: Guatemala

Region: San Pedro Atitlan

Farm: Various Smallholders

Altitude: 1500 – 1600 masl

Processing: Washed

The Cup: Peanut, Sweet Lemon, Toffee, Cinnamon and Chocolate

NET WT. 12 oz. / 340 g

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The Guatemalan Republic located in the Central American region is one of the countries with a long tradition in producing high quality coffee. Its microclimates, lush nature and topography allow it to produce exquisite coffees that are among the best in the world.

The Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala ASDECAFE, is organized with the objective of making washed Arabica coffees of excellent quality from the Huehuetenango and El Quiche regions available to the international market.

Among its partners are groups of producers who are members of Associations and Cooperatives, keeping in mind the future of including private plantations and family groups.

The concept of “sustainability” is based on a strong commitment to the protection of the environment, equal distribution of the generated profits, business transparency, a strong commitment to quality and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers. ASDECAFE contributes to the local and national economy by generating employment, foreign exchange earnings and fiscal responsibility.

ASDECAFE currently has FAIR TRADE, Organic and Nespresso certification. Its total production is 30,000 bags of exported coffee which are distributed among the local and international markets.